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Welcome to the Fournier UK airworthiness section.

As you may be aware there appears to be very little documentation of aspects affecting the continued airworthiness of our aircraft on the CAA, PFA or BGA websites. (The BGA site refers to old TNS and AD references I have yet to find.)

On the CFI Germany website, Patrick Fucheron, head of CFI Germany has provided copies of Tech Notes/AD's issued in Germany which should have found their way to the UK. These are written in German. However, I am in a fortunate position to be able to access BGA TNS going back quite a long way and have managed to find English translations of some of the AD's  which can be related to the German.

I intend to follow this introduction with Patrick's overveiw and the BGA overveiw then divide into sections for RF3, 4, & 5 (6 & Ximango may happen later) In each section I will have the English translation of the German AD, if I have found it, and any points to look for that would be covered by a Tech Note if there were support from the manufacturer or any of the UK regulatory bodies.

If you or your engineer find a problem / defect that could be relevant to the rest of the type or RF's generally please let me know by mailing details (with photos if possible) to me either directly or through the webmaster. (This section needs your input and will only be any use if you give information to add to it, please ask your engineering team to participate before they start work if you don't do your own maintenance. Thanks)

All the information contained in this and following sections is provided in good faith and no liability can be accepted by myself, Club Fournier International or Club Fournier International UK for any of the content.


November 2006