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Approval for use of Mogas in Fourniers

The LAA has been granted approval by the CAA to issue specific procedures for use of Mogas in accordance with Airworthiness Notice No. AN98C.

The procedures issued by the LAA permit the use of Mogas complying with EN (BS) 228 in various VW engined aircraft operating on permits, including Fournier RF-3, RF-4 and RF-5. Complience permits the use of RON 95 Mogas (ordinary unleaded petrol).

The specific engine type documentation applicable to VW engined Fourniers is here.

The modifications required are straightforward and can be signed off by a LAA inspector, but may require the replacement of fuel hoses.

It is well known that VW engines often tend to loose compression relatively quickly and require head overhauls after 100-150 hours. There is some evidence to suggest that this is caused by the use of Avgas and that engines running on Mogas are not similarly affected. However, there are other considerations to the use of Mogas, such as the potential for vapour locking at high ambient temperatures . Operators should consider carefully the documentation and limitations before using Mogas. CFI accepts no responsibility for events consequent upon it's use.